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Date: 19-01-2017

 DHAKA - Urging the political parties to give priority to people's interest, President Md. Abdul Hamid today said politics becomes polluted if 'money-wealth' and 'posts-positions' get more importance in politics than principles and ideology. 

"There will be ups and downs in politics and politicians should reach their target by accepting these. A politician goes ahead on the path of success maintaining uncompromising confidence in principles and ideals because politics sans ideology does not bring any welfare for the country and the people," he said.

The President was addressing a discussion marking the birth centenary of national leader Shaheed M Munsur Ali at Osmani Memorial Auditorium here. 

"I call upon the politicians and political parties to give priority to the country's interest instead of individual and party . . . give people's interest priority and then the country will advance," he added.

Highlighting the different aspects of the life of M Munsur Ali, President Hamid said, "He was honest and free from greed though he was very close to power. If he wanted he could have passed days with luxury and amassed huge assets-property but he did not do that. He worked for the welfare of common people."

Personal interest, lust-greed could not deviate Munsur Ali from principles-ideals, he said, adding that until his death, he upheld the ideology of Bangabandhu and the motto of his politics was working for the welfare of the people. 

"Musnur Ali believed in the basic principle of politics-country's interest is first and he sacrificed his life on November 3, 1975 but he never betrayed Bangabandhu and the Bengali nation," said the President.

President Hamid said after the killing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu and four national leaders, the killers started distorting the history of Liberation War and destroying the spirit of liberation struggle. 

But the independence loving people resisted this conspiracy, he added. 

Health and family welfare minister Mohammad Nasim chaired the discussion while commerce minister Tofail Ahmed, Prime Minister's political affairs adviser HT Imam, Shaheed M Munsur Ali Smrity Parishad president Nurul Islam Thandu and grandson of M Munsur Ali Tanvir Shakil Joy, among others, also took part in the discussion.

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