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Date: 25-03-2017

 DHAKA - President Md. Abdul Hamid visited the combined warfare display of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force, marking the Independence and National Day at the National Parade Square here today. 

Soon after the arrival of the President, fighter planes of Bangladesh Air Force passed over the display venue while the paratroopers made successful landing on the parade square in the afternoon. 

On the occasion, the three forces set up 48 stalls and pavilions for the week-long display. Of them, Army set up 32 stalls and pavilions, while Air Force and Navy six each and combined forces four. 

President Hamid went round different stalls and pavilions and witnessed various light and heavy weapons there. 

He visited the stalls displaying the contributions and bravery of the Armed Forces during the War of Liberation, stalls displaying the modernisation and development of the Armed Forces in last few years of the incumbent government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. 

During the visit, President Hamid recalled the contribution of the armed forces in the Liberation War in 1971 with due respect saying the three forces would also contribute to country's socio-economic development apart from their regular tasks. 

Referring to the 'Forces Goal 2030' to modernize the forces, the President said the development works of the armed forces are going ahead. 

Mentioning the nation building activities of the Armed Forces and their contributions to UN peacekeeping, the President hoped that army and other forces would do better in the UN peacekeeping missions to uphold the country's image abroad. 

During the visit, Abdul Hamid was briefed on the features of various stalls. He also enjoyed a musical and dance programme presented by artistes of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and others.

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