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``7th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012 (ICECE-2012)
Date : 20-12-2012

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Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman
People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am pleased to learn that the ``7th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012 (ICECE-2012) is going to be held under the auspices of Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I Welcome the initiative and thank the organizers of ICECE-2012.


Technology a tool of development & civilization has great impetus on human lives. It makes life easy and enhances the quality of life by value addition. I think this conference brings an opportunity to share idea and knowledge of electrical engineers among themselves joining from home and abroad. I hope it would focus on new technological developments and their use in mankind. I urge upon all the engineers to contribute more for achieving country’s sustainable development. I welcome all the participants from abroad and wish their pleasant stay in Dhaka.


I wish the ICECE-2012 a success.


Khoda Hafez, May Bangladesh Live Forever.



Md. Zillur Rahman

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