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National Productivity Day
Date : 02-10-2014

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Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid
People's Republic of Bangladesh

It gives me immense pleasure to know that National Productivity Organisation (NPO), a Department of Ministry of Industries, is going to observe the “National Productivity Day” on 2nd October throughout the country for third consecutive time. On the eve of the observance, I extend my sincere thanks and felicitations to the entrepreneurs, workers and management of industries and service sectors of the country.

 National productivity bears immense significance in our national economy. It accelerates the development pace which leaves a positive impact on overall economy of the country. I am pleased to know that National Productivity Organisation is implementing manifold policies and activities including imparting training, research, motivational works and offering Productivity and Quality Excellence Award with a view to increasing productivity of industrial enterprises in the country. I believe that formulation of proper planning, awarding incentives, best utilization of resources as well as existing workforce, machineries and other input will help achieving highest level of productivity. Apart from ongoing activities, I believe, it needs  deep sense of  patriotism and total commitment towards nation. The present Government has set a ‘Vision 2021’ to turn Bangladesh into middle income group country by 2021. I think sustainable development along with optimum productivity in all industries and service sectors are imperative to attain the desired goals. I believe that the theme of the day “Increase Productivity for Sustainable Development” is appropriate in this regard. I am confident that various activities which have been taken to mark the day will play a catalytic role in facilitating to attain the goals.

 I wish the ‘National Productivity Day 2014’ a great success.


 Khoda Hafez. May Bangladesh Live Forever.

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