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Venue: Bangabhaban, Dhaka
Date: 03-09-2014

Director, Defence Intelligence Agency Mr. Douglas H Wise,

Director for Intelligence, United States Pacific Command,

Rear Admiral Willy Metts,

Director General of  DGFI,

Participating defence intelligence chiefs of the Asia-Pacific region,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Assalamualaikum and good evening.


I am very pleased to welcome you all to Bangladesh and to Bangabhaban. I am indeed happy to see that the 7th Asia-Pacific Intelligence Chiefs Conference is being held in Dhaka. I would like to thank the United States of America and the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) for partnering with Bangladesh in holding this important Conference here. I also thank the intelligence chiefs of the region and their delegations for coming to Bangladesh and making the Conference a success.


Distinguished Guests,


            Bangladesh, a secular state with peace loving people, is a land of peace and tranquility. Home of a homogeneous nation, it is full of natural beauty with lash green fields through which hundreds of rivers flow. Our people have learnt to live in harmony with nature and with each other. Yet, like any other society, there are few misguided who at times break the peace. Our people and government have shown their determination to root out any such individuals or groups. Bangladesh Government has adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards these groups and individuals. We have willingly partnered with international community to defeat them. 7th Asia-Pacific Intelligence Chiefs Conference (APICC) is one such effort that surely will strengthen our collective effort in enhancing peace and security of the region.

            I hope the success of the 7th APICC will build partnership not only among the intelligence communities of the region but will also create opportunities for wider cooperation among the participating nations. We believe that all are our friends and we have no adversary. This is the principle that guides our foreign policy. We are proud to be at the forefront of the United Nations Peace Keeping effort. We believe in partnership and cooperation.

I thank you all for calling on me. I am very pleased to be able to greet you. I thank the organizers of the Conference, United State Pacific Command and DGFI for their effort in building partnership. I wish a successful Conference. Hope you all have an enjoyable and satisfying stay in Bangladesh.

Thank you all. Khoda Hafez, May Bangladesh Live Forever.


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