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Offices in Bangabhaban
Bangabhaban Departments and their Responsibilities

There is a group of well-disciplined and trained officials at Bangabhaban. They are treated with special respect as the staff of the President. There are two divisions of staff for the smooth functioning of Bangabhaban namely personal and public.

Personal Division and Public Division

All officers working in Bangabhaban belong to either of these departments. In addition, there are the Guard Regiment and the Special Security Force (SSF). A list of the members of the division and their responsibilities are given below:

a) Personal Division
1. Military Secretary
2. Assistant Military Secretary
3. PS (Coord)
4. Deputy Secretary
5. Chief Comptroller
6. President's ADC
7. Transport Officer
8. Police Liaison Officer
9. Medical Officer/Lady Medical Officer
10. Programmer
11. Hospitality Officer
12. Protocol Officer
13. Assistant Secretary (Administration)
14. Assistant Secretary (General)
15. Administrative Officer/Assistant Secretary (Services)
16. Accounts Officer
17. Assistant Programmer
18. Assistant Protocol Officer
19. Comptroller
20. Assistant Comptroller
21. Administrative Officer (Office Superintendent)
Functions of the Personal Division
a. Family matters of the President.

Arrangement of all state functions, for example, submission of credentials by foreign diplomats, state dinner, oath-taking ceremony, reception gallantry award and distribution of state sanads.

c. To receive and entertain foreign heads of states/governments and other persons of eminence.
d. To prepare the programme of the President.
e. To maintain and decorate the office and official residence of the President.
f. To oversee the personal security of the President according to the law.
g. To direct and supervise the members of the PresidentŐs Guard Regiment (PGR).

To arrange Presidential tours in and outside the country.

i. To oversee Pensions and other privileges of the former Presidents.
j. To organize state transport for the President.
k. To procure transport vehicles and ensure their maintenance.
l. To look after the welfare of the officers of his divisions.

To oversee administration of the Presidential Secretariat including financial matters of his divisions.

n. To perform all other duties assigned by the President.
o. To maintain all rules relating to all matters assigned to this department.
p. To collect all fees relating to these divisions except fees collected from the court.
Functions of the Military Secretary

The Military Secretary of the President is the Chief of the Personal Division. In addition to his duties and responsibilities as the Divisional Chief, he discharges other functions relating to organization and planning. His executive functions include the following:

a) To ensure all facilities of the President.
b) To ensure the personal security of the President and that of his office and residence.

To command and supervise the PresidentŐs Guard Regiment, arrange state festivals including distribution of national awards, state receptions, dinners and presentation of credentials by foreign diplomats.


To represent the President in matters of protocol and other functions of e) To supervise security of state guests at Bangabhaban.

f) To oversee security in Presidential tours.
  He is also the Chief Accountant of this division.
b) Public Division
1. Secretary
2. Joint Secretary/Director General
3. Deputy Secretary
4. Senior Assistant Secretary (Administration)
5. PS to Secretary
6. Senior Assistant Secretary (Fund and Application Section)
7. Accounts Officer
Functions of the Public Division
a) To assist the President in discharging his official, constitutional and executive functions.
b) To assist the President in maintenance of his discretionary fund.
c) To perform the administrative and financial activities of this division.
d) To perform necessary enquiries over the functions of the Public Division.
e) To oversee functions relating to collection of fees at the court under the Public Division.
f) To supervise functions relating to Public Division.
g) Any other functions assigned by the President.
Functions of the Secretary of the Public Division
a) Overall responsibilities of the Personal Division.

To attend the oath-taking ceremony of the Prime Minister, members of the cabinet, Advisers of the Caretaker Government and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court conducted by the President.


To attend the meetings of the President with foreign Heads of States and Governments as well as with diplomats.

d) Any other responsibility assigned by the President.
Press Wing
1. Press Secretary
2. Deputy Press Secretary

Assistant Press Secretary

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Press Secretary, Deputy and Assistant Press Secretary are stated below:

Press Secretary:
a) Press coverage of the ceremonial functions of the Hon'ble President.

Press coverage of the Oath taking ceremony of the Prime Minister, Cabinet members, Chief of the Caretaker Government and its advisers and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


Press coverage and broadcast of the courtesy calls of the Presidents of other countries with the President, submission of credential of foreign Diplomats and their farewell meetings.


Press coverage of the speech of the President in the Parliament and his message according to the section 73(1) and 73(2) of the Constitution.


Press coverage of the presentation of reports of audit and accounts to the President by Director General of audit and accounts according to the section 132 of constitution and annual report of Public Service Commission according to the section 141 of the constitution.


Press coverage of the state reception held in Bangabhaban including the Independent and National Days, Victory Day, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul- Azha, Buddha Purnima, Durga Puja and Christmas Day.


Press coverage of the visits of President within the country and abroad in co-operation with the Information and Foreign Ministries.


To analyse the report and opinion of media at home and abroad and present these to the President.

i) To prepare, publish and distribute the speeches, messages of the Hon'ble President.

To examine and preserve the daily news items from newspapers and inform the President of the important matters.


To brief the Hon'ble President from time to time about national, international, social and political developments.


To control and co-ordinate the work of electronic media units like camera unit, BTV and DFP connected with Bangabhaban.

m) To supervise the duties of the subordinate officers.
Deputy Press Secretary

To prepare the President's official speeches, messages based on information collected from the Foreign Ministry for the credential ceremony of the foreign diplomats.


To prepare the messages for the National and International Days for the President and co-ordinate meeting with the reporters.

c) To co-operate with all media units for press coverage of the President's functions.
d) To prepare the press clipping of daily news.
e) To perform other duties assigned by the Press Secretary.
Assistant Press Secretary
a) To monitor the foreign press, national daily and weekly papers and wire service.
b) To prepare messages of the Hon'ble President.

To prepare daily press summary and discuss the bill for magazines and newspapers and give opinion on it.

d) To perform other duties assigned by the Press Secretary and the Deputy Press Secretary.
Camera Unit
a) To take steel photographs of family and state functions of President.

To take photographs of the President for press coverage and take steps to publish them according to the direction of the Press Secretary.

c) To collect and preserve the equipment for taking photographs.
d) To perform other duties assigned by the Press Secretary.
Functions of the Personal Wing of the President PS to the President
a) To provide all official assistance to perform daily activities and functions of the President.

To hold coordination meeting with the concerned authorities for the participation of the President in any public/private meetings.

c) To supervise the activities of the PresidentŐs PS 1 & 2.
d) To write Annual Confidential Report of Assistant PS & Personal Officer of the President.
e) Any kind of duty assigned by the President.
f) Any kind of duty which is assigned by the Secretary of the Public Division.
Assistant PS to President
a. To present all letters to the President after scrutiny.

To place before the President all applications for financial grant from the President's discretionary fund and inform him of the account and balance of daily grants and other duties related to this.


To present and obtain signature from the President in bills passed by the parliament.


To present and obtain signature from the President in the messages sent on behalf of the President on occasion of National Days and other festivals.


To place before the President all messages received from the Heads of States and governments of different countries as well as distinguished citizens and prepare the return messages after the PresidentŐs signature on it.


To present and obtain signature of the President in the letter of appointment and credentials of ambassadors/high commissioners as well as those of the former ambassadors and high commissioners.

g. To perform all other duties assigned by the President.
h. To perform other duties which are assigned by the Private Secretary.
President's Guard Regiment

Under the overall control of a Brigadier General, stationed in the army head quarter, two companies of soldiers are placed at Bangabhaban under a Major. The total number of them is 300. Its Chief is known as the company commander. His regiment is well-trained and and engaged in special security at Bangabhaban. The Guard Regiment of the President, or PGR, was established on 5 July 1975, and is known as the pride of Bangabhaban.


Special Security Force (SSF) is a special group under a Lieutenant Colonel. This force is stationed at Bangabhaban to discharge the responsibilities of maintaining the security of the President. They are well-trained and well-guided force.

The President himself remains busy during office hours in discharging his official functions. In addition to his official duties, he spends some time with his relatives and other noted persons in the afternoon as well as in the evening. A number of them join him for family dinners.

The functions of Bangabhaban are centred round the President. This house is not only the symbol of our national heritage but also plays an important part in the history of Bangladesh.

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